Mark Bosnich: All Sporting Events Including Australian Open Should Be Cancelled

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Mark Bosnich: All Sporting Events Including Australian Open Should Be Cancelled

Former Australian goalkeeper and one of the current experts for Fox Sports, Mark Bosnich, says that all sporting events in Australia, including the Australian Open, should be cancelled due to the bushfires that have badly affected the country.

Reports have said that 26 people have lost their lives and an estimated 500 million animals have died in the fires that have affected Australia since September but have come into the world's spotlight only in the recent weeks.

Some cricket fixtures have been cancelled while a lower level tennis Challenger event has been relocated due to excessive smoke. As of now, Tennis Australia has said that there are no plans to delay the tournament and the officials have made contingency plans to ensure that the players are safe.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 47 year old Bosnich says, “It’s been an absolute disaster, a true disaster, one that I’ve never seen in all the time I’ve spent here in Australia. People have lost everything including their lives.

Over six million hectares has been destroyed and it's ongoing. The air here in can only see about 300 metres away. Me personally, I’m always of the opinion that when there’s such a disaster (as this) everything else should pretty much stop.

We had the debate about the fireworks display for New Year’s Eve and why people are suffering so great I believe the least you can do is stop. But as was made aware to me there are people coming from all over the country and world with pre-paid fares and hotels. It’s very difficult because it’s unprecedented and people are really suffering."