Pat Cash: There is no one as talented as Nick Kyrgios

Tennis - Cash says there is no else as talented as Kyrgios

by Prakash
Pat Cash: There is no one as talented as Nick Kyrgios

Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash says that he does not like the idea of on-court coaching but says it would help some players like Australia's Nick Kyrgios. Speaking to World Wide of Sports, Cash says, "There's no more talented player than Nick.

Like he said, he clearly loves having his mates around, because it's a lot of fun. Most of us Aussies thrived in Davis Cup, we really loved it. We've grown up playing team sports and there's a lot less pressure when you've got someone on the side of the court helping you.

But part of tennis is being able to figure things out for yourself. You're out on the court as a gladiator, it's one-on-one. That to me is one of the greatest skills of tennis, which is why I'm very opposed to having coaches on the side of the court.

Having courtside coaching would almost certainly benefit Nick, and they're talking about doing some of that, it's being eased into the game more and more. Certainly it will never get to Wimbledon, but you'll see it more often.

I think it takes away from the great skill of tennis, and Nick is getting better at it, but being able to think on your feet is a key component of the game." Cash says Kyrgios could make some noise at the Grand Slams if he is able to manage his shoulder and elbow issues.

"It's not easy to win a slam, there's not many going around. But when Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are gone, there's going to be a handful of guys putting their hands up for the slams. Those three can't last forever, although sometimes it seems that way!

But eventually they'll be gone. Nick's serve is one of the best in the game, so if he can manage his shoulder and his elbow he'll be right in the mix. I'd love to see him asking the questions at a slam. There's a lot of good players, even guys younger than Nick are now starting to come through like Denis Shapovalov and Félix Auger-Aliassime, so hopefully Nick can take advantage of that gap once the greats are gone but before the next generation come through.

It's going to be fascinating to see who grabs the slams. Stefanos Tsitsipas to me is the best of the bunch, he's got the technical and tactical nous, the whole works. But it can change pretty quickly." The Australian, who won Wimbledon in 1987, says that not having a full-time coach is usually an issue for most players in tennis but it may work for the Australian, "Yes, it's a big concern.

He's a different sort of kid and he goes by his own rules. Sometimes that can work, but most of the time it doesn't. We know what works in tennis, and what doesn't. Some people can have success by breaking the rules, maybe Nick is one of those."

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