Christos Kyrgios: Philanthropy gives him a Daily purpose, Allows Nick to be himself."

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Christos Kyrgios: Philanthropy gives him a Daily purpose, Allows Nick to be himself."

Christos Kyrgios, the brother of Nick Kyrgios, says that the public perception of the Australian tennis star does affect donations made to his foundation. The NK Foundation is run by the Kyrgios family - Christos, Nick and their mother Norlaila.

Speaking to The Age, Christos says, "Unfortunately, public perception does affect donations. But slowly and surely the public is beginning to see who Nick really is and what his intentions really are. Very little that Nick does is selfishly motivated, there always has to be a reason that is much bigger than just himself.

I think philanthropy has given him a core, daily purpose. I don't think it has changed him. In fact it has allowed him to be himself." Christos says the team at the foundation is looking for land in Melbourne to build a facility, which they hope to spread across Australia, that will have accommodation for at-risk youth, tennis courts, basketball courts and medical and educational services.

"We have [also] put on coaching clinics at many schools [including in Dandenong North and Springvale] ... our coaches have taught these children the fundamentals of tennis, basic skills, and shown them how fun our sport can be.

Over the last year, free coaching has been delivered to over 1500 children – something we are extremely proud of and will continue to build upon. We see this as a great opportunity to connect with kids and to identify kids who are in need, and ultimately allow us to provide them with the other forms of support they need.

Being able to build something with him, and work on his vision daily, makes me feel like I am right by his side." The 24 year old, whose tweet to Tennis Australia on the bushfire crisis, set the ball rolling for what has turned into a massive effort by the entire tennis world to raise funds for the crisis, says, "I don't care about the support to be honest, what the media says, I do this because I genuinely care.

What you guys [the media] choose to do after that is your choice but I do this because I care. For me personally it has been an emotional couple of weeks [because of the bushfires]. The Aus Open is around the corner but for me, my focus has been elsewhere.

[I'll] continue to help where I can with the bushfires. I am not thinking about too much result wise [at the Australian Open], I want to go out there and bring a positive vibe to the whole thing and that's it."