Craig Tiley: Never wished for rain as TD, but we needed it after bushfire crisis

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Craig Tiley: Never wished for rain as TD, but we needed it after bushfire crisis

Tennis Australia Chief Craig Tiley that for the first time, as a Tournament Director, he is hoping for rain as it would be enormously beneficial for the bushfire crisis currently affecting the country. The crisis has claimed more than 25 lives and an estimated one billion animals and Tennis Australia also held an exhibition event which raised nearly AUSD $5 million.

The tournament has also released an air quality policy to ensure that play will take place only in optimal conditions. Speaking to RSN Radio, Tiley says, "I’ve never wished for rain as a tournament director, but we need it for the drought and for the fire-affected areas and that is more important to us."

Tiley also says that Tennis Australia is in talks with the women's tour and that the women's version of the ATP Cup could be held as soon as next year. “Absolutely, it is on the cards. We are down to the final points of negotiation with the women’s tour, and we always wanted to put it on the calendar.

We have a few things left to work out, but we are really excited for the opportunities we can offer the women. It is an exciting time for tennis, we will give ourselves six weeks of some of the best content and great tennis matches.

There is not much competition on the sporting calendar so it is a great chance to showcase tennis." Speaking on the success of the ATP Cup and how it has helped the players, Tiley says, "I would predict that those players who played in the ATP Cup on the men’s side will be really tough to beat as they are already so match-ready.

It’s going to be interesting from a player’s point of view and from a fan’s point of view." The inaugural edition of the ATP Cup saw Serbia beat Spain in a tournament that went down very well with most players and fans.

Some players have asked for the ATP to work with the ITF to merge the two team competitions - the ATP Cup and the Davis Cup.