Dokic, Woodforde and McEnroe on Ash Barty After her Semi-Final loss

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Dokic, Woodforde and McEnroe on Ash Barty After her Semi-Final loss

Former World No. 4 Jelena Dokic says Australia's Ash Barty is a deserving World No. 1 even though she was beaten in the semi-finals of the Australian Open in Melbourne on Thursday by rising American Sofia Kenin. According to The Age, Dokic says, “She’s had a big year last year, she’s continuing to play very well – a very deserving world No.1.

I think she’s got the most fascinating game with the most variety out there. I still think it’s going to be incredibly tough for anyone to beat her”. Dokic says she thinks Barty will continue winning more tournaments in 2020 - even at the grand slams.

"Hopefully grand slams as well." Meanwhile, former Australian doubles legend Mark Woodforde criticised Barty for bringing her niece to the press conference after her loss. "She's a lovely young lady, we talk about how all Australians are embracing Ash because she's so humble and down to earth, but yes, I felt like maybe it was a way of deflecting some of the tough questions.

As number one player in the world, the press want to know when you lose a match, why you've lost a match, they want you to bear your soul. Ash has spoken over the tournament she's kind of sick of seeing her face on the billboards and the front pages.

To try and explain what happened out there - I think having her niece sit on her knee was a way of maybe just healing some of those wounds ... very unusual, maybe she'll learn next time. That's not to say not to do it, but it was a bit questionable."

John McEnroe, a former seven time Grand Slam champion, said that Barty should have used the home court more to her advantage, “Which I don’t think she did. I know it was hot, so people [the fans] are drooping a little bit.

Somehow she’s got to show a little bit more outward [emotion]. It’s not that she’s not trying, obviously she is, but I think that people respond to that energy."