Casey Dellacqua: The camaraderie in Australian women’s tennis is really great

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Casey Dellacqua: The camaraderie in Australian women’s tennis is really great

Casey Dellacqua, the former doubles partner of Ash Barty, says the camaraderie in Australian women’s tennis and the success of World No. 1 Ash Barty are things to be really proud of. In an interview published by Tennis Australia, Dellacqua, who recently retired and now is a tennis commentator, commented, "There’s no doubt for me the standout is Ash Barty.

I mean she’s No.1 in the world. Not only has she done a phenomenal job on the court winning Roland Garros and finishing (2019) as the world No.1. But it’s how she’s represented herself, her team and Australia on a regular basis throughout the year.

I think that’s just a real standout for me. Making the Fed Cup final was obviously the other highlight for Australian women’s tennis (and) when you go down the line you see the number of girls ranked from 100-250 playing qualifying of Slams.

The camaraderie in Australian women’s tennis is really great. I think that’s something to be really proud of”. Other Australians Lizette Cabrerra, Maddison Inglis and Kaylah McPhee all agreed with Dellacqua.

Cabrerra commented, "I we all get along really well and we all push each other. I think it’s awesome that we’re all a great bunch of girls. I couldn’t pick out anyone that I dislike or anything. It’s just a really nice vibe and I think we all do a really good job working together and pushing each other."

Inglis, ranked No.112, commented, "Everyone is competitive, but they want each to do well. Whenever we’re at the same tournaments everyone’s cheering on the girls”. McPhee, ranked No. 242 in the world, said that all the girls are pushing each other to do better.

"I feel like one girl does well and then five girls follow. It just keeps getting better and better. Obviously we’ve got Ash as No.1 and that’s just incredible but I think we have like 12 girls inside the top 250 which is a number that I don’t think we’ve seen in a while.

I think all the girls, we’re all just pushing each other on. We’re just so happy for each other when we do well”.