Jelena Dokic: Having a Family is Definitely in the future

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Jelena Dokic: Having a Family is Definitely in the future

Former World No. 4 Jelena Dokic says she wants to have a family with her long-time partner, Tin Bikic, in the near future, while speaking to Good Health & Wellbeing magazine. The retired Australian tennis star says, "I want to raise my children very differently from how I was raised.

Having a family is definitely in the future." Dokic has turned her life around after an early retirement from tennis caused her to balloon to 120 kgs. She has since lost 50 kgs and is now a tennis commentator. "When you're a professional athlete, you're in this bubble that's not reality – everything is done for you, from food and exercise, to travel and management, so going back into real life was very different.

And for me, I retired very suddenly because of an injury, so it really wasn't something I expected. I was left asking myself: 'What do I do next?' 'What do I get into?' I wasn't prepared for it, and that's where my weight gain started."

Dokic peaked at No. 4 in the world rankings in August 2002 and won WTA Tour events on all surfaces during her career. At the 1999 Wimbledon Championships the 16-year-old Dokic achieved one of the biggest upsets in tennis history, beating Martina Hingis 6–2, 6–0.

It remains the only time the women's world No. 1 has ever lost to a qualifier at Wimbledon. Dokic would go on to reach the quarterfinals of that competition, only her second Grand Slam. Her relationship with her outspoken father and coach Damir, was also the cause of a lot of controversy. She would later accuse her father of physical and mental abuse in her 2017 autobiography Unbreakable.