John Millman speaks on how hard it is to make it in tennis


John Millman speaks on how hard it is to make it in tennis
John Millman speaks on how hard it is to make it in tennis

Australia's John Millman, 30, insists it isn't easy to make it tennis but he will be satisfied with himself as long as he is giving his absolute best. In his contribution for Dumbo Feather, world No. 43 Millman admitted that the hardest period of his career came in 2014.

Back then, the Australian enjoyed lots of success on the Challenger and ITF tours but in the process he tore labrum of his right shoulder. With the help of the close ones, the Australian went to find a solution and he ended up recovering from the injury.

Since then, Millman ended runner-up at two ATP finals and achieved a career-high ranking of No. 33 in the world. The Australian's career-best win came at the 2018 US Open, when he stunned record 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

"There are no guarantees in tennis. It’s a top-heavy sport where probably only 100 players earn a decent living and the others are scrapping it out trying to break through. Most play their whole career and never make a main draw of a grand slam — a point here and there can make all the difference," Millman said in his contribution for Dumbo Feather.

"What you can do is control the controllables. You can surround yourself with good people. You can push yourself as hard possible and approach each day with the intention to get a little better. Maybe you’ll fall short of your goals, but you can look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself that you did everything you could.

For me that is extremely satisfying. That is what I realised would make me happy: to do everything possible and if I pulled up short then so be it, but at least I gave it a proper crack."

John Millman

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