Alexei Popyrin may skip US Open and stay in Europe if the rankings remain frozen

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Alexei Popyrin may skip US Open and stay in Europe if the rankings remain frozen

Australian Alexei Popyrin, who is playing the Ultimate Tennis Showdown in France currently, says he is not keen on travelling to the United States to play the US Open but may be forced to change his mind in case the rankings are not frozen.

Several players have expressed the view that they may not be keen to travel outside their current base to play tournaments in view of the current pandemic. France's Gilles Simon had also said that players, including him, need more clarity on the rankings system before they can make a decision on whether to travel for tournaments or not.

Alexei Popyrin says he does not want to go to the US Open as of now

The 20 year old Popyrin, who was beaten by Frenchman Richard Gasquet on Saturday at the UTS, says, “Right now there are talks regarding the US Open but I really don’t want to go with the situation in America right now.

But we have to see if we would be forced to go because of ranking points. If the ranking points won’t be frozen then most of us would be forced to go play cause our ranking will drop and we wouldn’t have any say in it.

But if the rankings are frozen then I am staying here, I will stay in Europe where it’s safe with my family”. Popyrin said he also thinks it is a big risk to play the French Open in Paris in September especially since the tournament is planning to play with fans.

"We’ll have to see if anything is going to be played, I think if the same rule is applied for the French Open, it’s big a risk to play especially if they say that they want to play with the fans which I am not sure would be possible right now.

It’s very risky to playing anything right now which includes fans. But we’ll just have to wait and see”. Alexei Popyrin has a career-high ATP singles ranking of No. 87 achieved in July 2019 and is currently ranked No.

103 in the world. He trains at the Mouratoglou Academy. He reached the third round of the Australian Open and the US Open in 2019 and the third round of the Australian Open earlier this year.