Toni Nadal: Nick Kyrgios is good at tennis. Today's kids want to see it but..

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Toni Nadal: Nick Kyrgios is good at tennis. Today's kids want to see it but..

Toni Nadal, the straight talking former coach and uncle of World No. 2 Rafael Nadal, says Australian Nick Kyrgios is a natural talent and good at tennis and wished he would try harder, adding that he would be happy to coach Dominic Thiem or Grigor Dimitrov.

Toni Nadal says Nick Kyrgios has a tremendous natural talent

The 59 year old Toni Nadal recently had an interaction with tennis fans in Colombia organized by the Colombian Tennis Federation and in excerpts published on the Match Tenis website, Uncle Toni gave his opinion about Kyrgios, who has polarized tennis fans with his game and temperament.

"Kyrgios is good at tennis . Today's kids want to see it. I am from another era, but it is not my style. He has a tremendous natural talent and it's a shame he doesn't try a little harder, but he has made the decision to do things differently.

I consider that some of his behaviors are not at all edifying, but it cannot be ignored that he gives a different touch to tennis." In a recent podcast with his friend Elliot Loney, Kyrgios had said he was not looking to add a coach to his team.

"For me, I don’t have a goal of winning grand slams. I just want to do it my way, have fun with it and just play. So to get a coach for me is pointless because I don’t want to waste their time almost." In the same interview, Uncle Toni says that if he had to coach another player, it would be either former World No.

3 Grigor Dimitrov or the current World No. 3 Dominic Thiem. "I would like to train Dimitrov or Thiem, because they are very polite. Of course I like to train good players, but the main thing is to do it with someone willing to listen and improve, putting egos aside."

Toni Nadal had coached his nephew Rafael Nadal from childhood till February 2017. During their time together, Nadal won 16 Grand Slam titles and the Spanish coach says he knows he will not be able to replicate the same success with another player.

"I am almost sure that I will never train a boy like Rafa again , but it still motivates me to keep setting goals and fighting for new challenges, even if they are smaller." Toni Nadal is currently working at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Spain where he has been training the students there. Rafael Nadal is also currently at the academy training as he prepares for the return of the professional circuit.