Nick Kyrgios: No plans on retiring anytime soon

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Nick Kyrgios: No plans on retiring anytime soon

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has revealed he felt he needed to take a year off and he hopes to return to the court next season fully refreshed and motivated to achieve big things. After representing Australia at the inaugural ATP Cup, Kyrgios played a match at the Kooyong Classic, played at the Australian Open and appeared in Acapulco.

In his last tournament played this season -- which was Acapulco in late-February -- Kyrgios couldn't defend his title as he was forced to retire his opener at the tournament to France's Ugo Humbert due to an injury.

When the season restarted, Kyrgios suggested that he didn't want to play in the United States over coronavirus concerns. "I was thinking maybe it was time for me to just take a year off," 25-year-old Kyrgios said in a typically frank interview in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald, as revealed on Sky Sports.

"I couldn't look at a tennis court. I had no happy feelings. I had no desire to be out there. I had no motivation. I had no need for growth out there. "I was just going through the motions. It wasn't making me happy.

If anything, it was decreasing my energy. It was a negative impact on my life."

Kyrgios feeling refreshed

Kyrgios has been spending lots of time with his new girlfriend and doing stuff he loves at home. It has positively affected Kyrgios, who claims he now feels refreshed.

"This time has been perfect," he added. "I've had it off where I can completely reset and dabble in a couple of areas where my passion was, be back in my community, be back in my home, and just get a complete reset.

That's what I was thinking about doing." A few years ago, the Australian suggested he would retire early, maybe around the age of 27. But now Kyrgios has hinted that he will play past the age of 27. "I feel I still have plenty more in the tank," Kyrgios said.

Kyrgios is expected to return to action when the 2021 season kicks off in Australia. "I could play past that if I wanted to," Kyrgios added. "We'll see. Someone could call it tomorrow, you know what I mean? Something can happen where you don't want to play any more. I wouldn't say I'm putting a number on it at the moment."