Australian Open: tennis players upset by the schedules set for training

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Australian Open: tennis players upset by the schedules set for training

The latest news in chronological order in this Australian Open 2021 starter, which will see the start of the tournament set for February 8th, are the training times of the tennis players established by the tournament organizers.

Tuesday's training program has already come out and the players are left speechless because there are those who will have to get up early, probably too early to be able to train. In order to avoid crowds and therefore crowding in the spaces intended for training sessions, the organizers had to divide the sessions by calculating the needs of the athletes and the time available during the day.

Given the number of athletes who have to train, the start times of the sessions have been set at 6.30 am in the three reserved spaces of Melbourne Park, National Tennis Center and Albert Reserve. The players who fared the worst were the Chinese Yifan Xu and Zhaoxuan Yang, for example, who were assigned to play at 6.30am.

When they finish, the Spanish Lara Arruabarrena will take their place. South African Kevin Anderson, a finalist at the US Open 2017 and WImbledon 2018 will be forced to train at 7:50 am. And all this without being able to change side of the court, as established by the health protocols set by the Australian government.

Chaos training, unrealistic times

In addition, Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated has published the letter sent by the ATP to the coaches and agents in the court of travel, after the cancellation of the training session on Monday: “We want to reassure you that we are constantly trying to improve conditions for players, where possible.

We are aware that there are major problems for the players at the moment. So far, the information provided is that the government-run transportation system is creating difficulties, causing some training sessions to be canceled.

T ennis Australia is working day and night to try to resolve the problem urgently. Yesterday the ATP asked Tennis Australia to provide more support to those players who unfortunately will be forced to remain locked in the room for 14 days, as well as to all the other players."