Bernard Tomic: My girlfriend is coaching me actually

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Bernard Tomic: My girlfriend is coaching me actually

Former world No. 17 Bernard Tomic has enjoyed some success over the last few weeks and he reveals his girlfriend Vanessa Sierra is coaching him. Tomic, who won a couple of matches at the UTR Pro Tennis Series in December, won three tight qualifying matches in Doha to earn a spot in the Australian Open main draw.

His girlfriend Sierra traveled with him to Doha, where the Australian Open men’s qualifying event took place. “My girlfriend’s coaching me actually,” Tomic told AAP. “She’s just helping me with a few things.

We’ve managed to win eight matches. Quite good, it’s a new tactic for 2021”. when asked if he was serious, Tomic noted: “Dead set, mate. Of course, 100 percent. “I mean, I’ve won eight out of nine matches.

I think I won five out of the six UTR (matches before qualifying). They were all three-setters."

Tomic not revealing how exactly Sierra helps

“Mate, it’s a secret. It’s a secret,” Tomic said. “I’m not going to give out my tips, you know what I mean? “Happy wife, happy life.

That’s it, my man”. Tomic, now ranked at No. 228 in the world, acknowledged that he benefited from a year off caused by the pandemic. “It was good for me to have this year off - very, very good,” Tomic said.

“Good for a lot of players, I reckon. Get away from the aeroplane. “I haven’t seen an aeroplane for 10 months. So it gave me a lot of energy, gave me a lot of happiness and a few other things that I’ve also learned and done that’s made me happy.

“I started realising a few things now that I didn’t when I was 18, 19, 20. “But I would like to play for sure until I’m 35, if I’m injury free. It’s tough when you have injuries so I’ll see how we go”.