John Millman happy with improvement made on clay

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John Millman happy with improvement made on clay

Australian tennis player John Millman is happy with the improvement he has made on clay. Millman, ranked at No. 42 in the world, prefers faster surfaces hard and grass but in recent years he has gotten more comfortable on playing on clay.

In 2018, Millman made his first clay final in Budapest. Back then, Millman ended runner-up to Italian Marco Cecchinato in the Budapest final. "Yeah, look, you know, I have made it to a final in Budapest, an ATP Tour final on clay, and I have played a lot of club tennis when I had no money.

I was not that good at tennis, so I had to play a lot of club tennis in Germany and Switzerland, so I have played a bit on clay, but I am getting better," Millman said. "I think I have to give credit to my coach.

I have been working with Peter Luczak who played a lot of his career on the clay courts. He went to South America a lot, and he's been helping me out."

Millman has had a busy clay season

Millman has been very active this season as he has already played six events.

"Yeah, look, I feel as if I'm getting more and more comfortable on the surface. I think for me now the best thing is to kind of freshen up going into Roland Garros, because mentally it's a challenge. Being an Australian I think it's probably the toughest thing in tennis right now.

We won't go home for 10 months, and that's not the easiest thing," Millman added. "So I think you've just got to try to stay fresh mentally. Week to week going to tournaments isn't the most -- it is a bit fatiguing. So, yeah, look, if I freshen up I can go right at Roland Garros hopefully, you know, get a bit better."