Andy Murray admits he confused Cristiano Ronaldo's 'siu' chant for boos

Murray initially thought the fans were booing him.

by Dzevad Mesic
Andy Murray admits he confused Cristiano Ronaldo's 'siu' chant for boos

Former world No. 1 Andy Murray admitted he initially thought fans were booing him during his Australian Open first round clash at John Cain Arena. Fans were chanting Cristiano Ronaldo's 'siu' celebration throughout Murray's five-set win over Nikoloz Basilashvili.

“Initially, I thought it was – because there were some people booing during my practice yesterday. I have no idea what for. Yeah, so originally that's what I thought it was," Murray said, per Eurosport. After it happened a few times, Murray realized what the fans were actually doing.

“But then yeah after a few times it was like, ‘No, they're doing that, I think it's like "siuu" or something that Ronaldo does when he scores. And, yeah, it was incredibly irritating,” he added with a smile.

Nick Kyrgios was as surprised as Murray was

Kyrgios booked a straight-set win over Liam Broady in his Melbourne opener. After the match, Kyrgios said he couldn't believe the fans were pulling off the siu chant for two-and-a-half hours.

“I can't believe they did it so much. They were doing some Ronaldo thing. Ronaldo does it every time he scores. I thought they were going to do it for like 10 minutes. They did it for two-and-a-half hours, like every point.

I don't know why. It was a zoo out there,” said the Australian. Meanwhile, Murray reflected on winning his first Australian Open match since 2017. “It is amazing [to be back],” Murray said in his on-court interview.

“It has been a tough three, four years. I have put a lot of work to be back here and I have played on this court many times and the atmosphere has been incredible. I have always had fantastic support and this is the court I thought I potentially played my last match on. But it is good to be back, winning a five-set battle like that. I could not ask for any more”.

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