Carlos Alcaraz could beat an incredible Rafael Nadal's record

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Carlos Alcaraz could beat an incredible Rafael Nadal's record

Carlos Alcaraz is only 19 year-old but he has already shown that he is competitive on all surfaces, now many do not set limits and dream of a sensational record for the Spanish tennis player, especially after the US Open win.

In history there are very few tennis players who have achieved the Grand Slam Career, that is, they can say that they have won all 4 Grand Slam events. Alcaraz can compete to win on hard, clay and even grass and can target Rafael Nadal's record.

His countryman from Mallorca is the tennis player who completed the Career Grand Slam at a younger age, he did it at just 24 years and 3 months and Alcaraz, at 19, still has a good chance to overcome it. A feat that would be epochal, devastating numbers with Alcaraz who would become the youngest player to win all 4 Grand Slam events, absurd thinking that Roger Federer managed it at 27 while Novak Djokovic had to reach almost 30 years.

The other two who can benefit from this record are even further behind in the standings, namely André Agassi and the Australian Rod Laver who succeeded at 31 years and a month.

Here is the ranking of the youngest players to complete the career Grand Slam

Rafael Nadal 24 years 3 months and 10 days
Roger Federer 27 years 9 months and 30 days
Novak Djokovic 29 years and 14 days
André Agassi 29 years 1 month and 8 days
Rod Laver 31 years and 1 month

Alcaraz is made history

Alcaraz broke new incredible records after the US Open win.

The young Spaniard not only won the first Grand Slam title in his career at 19, but he also became the youngest number one in the history of the Game. Incredible numbers and a crazy earliness with all the fans who wonder where the talented Iberian tennis player could go now.

Alcaraz has become number one and as confirmed in the conference he absolutely does not want to leave this scepter, on the contrary he is ready for further records. Here are some statements from him the day after winning the tournament: "I reached a goal very quickly, but it's time to set new goals.

I will continue to work to be at the top as long as possible. Honestly, I'm still not aware of what I've done and the impact I've had. I want to go to Spain and see all my people, I want to see with my own eyes what is happening.

I have been dreaming of this since I started playing tennis and it is something I have worked hard for. Now it will be more complicated, I am number one and I am a Grand Slam champion and it will be difficult to confirm myself but I want to be calm and show what to do. I want to play for fun and my goal is to confirm myself."