Carlos Alcaraz reveals his greatest fear

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Carlos Alcaraz reveals his greatest fear

Carlos Alcaraz continues to tell his story after the splendid title won in New York, in the various interviews granted to the international media. The Spaniard also spoke with ATP and revealed some curiosities about the activities he often carries out on the court: "Before each game I don't have a particular routine: I do my warm-up, in which I always try to do the same things and to be in the same place with my team.

If I feel like listening to music, I do. During every game I have superstitions, like always picking four balls, throwing them five times, the bottles have to be in a particular order, taking a bite of the energy bar before the banana."

Carlos Alcaraz reveals his greatest fear

Carlos then said: "I'm a fairly simple person and that's what I enjoy the most, sitting on a bench with five or six friends, at home or in the car, talking quietly and telling anecdotes.

That's what makes me happy. Honestly, I'm scared of failure. Disappointing people is one of my biggest fears. It is scary not to live up to expectations. Even if I am number one in the world and have won a Grand Slam, there will be tournaments where I will not respect my level.

Above all, I don't want to disappoint the people around me, especially those closest to me." Special thanks to her psychologist Isabel Balaguer: "She is one of the reasons I'm number one. Thanks to her I have improved a lot.

In tennis it is very important to have a mental coach: you have to deal with pressure week after week and throughout the year you have to be fresh mentally. I'm not saying that without a psychologist it would be impossible, but much more difficult."

Then he concluded, stating what his next dream would be: "I'd be thrilled to play Roger Federer, as well as beating a Big Three player in a Grand Slam. I've always said that to be the best you have to beat the best."