Carlos Alcaraz: 'It was incredible for me to grow up watching...'

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Carlos Alcaraz: 'It was incredible for me to grow up watching...'

Spain is a candidate to be among the protagonists of the Davis Cup final. This is what former world number 3 David Ferrer thinks, who as tournament director obviously cannot be too biased, but who fully trusts the potential of the Spanish team captained by Sergi Bruguera (who he currently sees as his player of singles Ramos-Viñolas loses a set against Serbian Laslo Djere).

"Yesterday we saw that all the matches were very balanced, that there is no clear favourite, although Spain, from my point of view, has better players, but in the Davis Cup everything is very balanced," Ferrer told Agencia EFE.

Above all, Ferrer trusts the immense quality of the current favorite, Carlos Alcaraz, brand new winner of the US Open. However, Alcaraz, after his efforts on American soil, will not participate in his first matches in Spain.

In this sense, Ferrer hopes to be able to recover as soon as possible: "It's more a question of the captain. He arrived just after finishing, took a plane and with jet lag he was a bit tired, but let's hope he has recovered to be able to play"

He is still in time to enjoy a truly incredible victory, which could turn his career around for good. Carlos Alcaraz continues to tell his story after the splendid trophy won in New York, in various interviews with the international media.

The Spaniard also spoke from the heart with the ATP Tour, expressing his feelings after his victory at the US Open: "I'm a pretty simple person and that's what I like the most, sitting on a bench with five or six friends, at home or in the car, talk quietly and tell stories."

Alcaraz is the new World No.1

In an interview with GQ, Carlos Alcaraz spoke about his life off the tennis court. "When we’re at home, my parents tell me what I have to do. You know––‘Do this, do that,’ just normal parent-kid stuff.

I’m normal," he said. "I’m a normal guy”. In the same interview with GQ, Carlos Alcaraz spoke about the Big 3's influence on him. Like most of his fellow professionals, he grew up watching Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic dominate the sport.

"When you’re a kid, you always want to be like someone, you know?” he said. “It was incredible for me to grow up watching [the Big 3’s] matches. Just the best guys in the world, dominating the ATP, winning for so many years. That helped me to be like them––well, to try to be like them”.