'Carlos Alcaraz will always have goals', says expert

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'Carlos Alcaraz will always have goals', says expert
'Carlos Alcaraz will always have goals', says expert

He had to sweat and faced stiff resistance, but Carlos Alcaraz stood up for Spain to beat Sonwoo Kwon in straight sets and celebrate with family and friends in a full-on Fonteta de València, celebrating being able to watch and win the number one tennis player in the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals.

After an even start, in the 4th game a spectacular run by Alcaraz to counteract a Kwon lob made the public rise from their seats to give the Spaniard the break. That showy point unraveled him and from there the ease that is known from his game appeared.

But at the beginning of the second, he stumbled. Alcaraz hit a loose volley into the net serving 1-1 and Kwon took the lead. Then the number one had his ups and downs, but he adjusted his game and touch at the net to recover the break in the eighth game.

The public once again gave him their full support, from which the number one fed to achieve shots that he had not hit until then. On the other hand, Kwon continued with the consistency he showed throughout the week and did not make it easy for number one: he kept his serve and forced a tie break, in which Alcaraz finally took all the energy from the stands to fire his shots on the court and win the tie break 7-1.

As a closing, the inflated chest and the firm fist to the roof of La Fonteta, which burned after the definitive point that gave Spain the classification to the Final 8 in Malaga, from November 22 to 27. "He played unbelievably, he hit the ball really hard and I had to stay focused to get the break back in the second," Alcaraz said of the match.

Regarding Final 8, he said: "We will try to win the Davis Cup, we will put on our best tennis and I will give 100% to help Spain win it."

Alcaraz shocked everyone in 2022

A few days after Carlos Alcaraz's coronation at the US Open, making him the youngest world number 1 in history, Eurosport met the very first coach of the phenomenon, named Kiko Navarro.

The latter remembered his first meeting with Carlito, before discussing the future with serenity. “Even if he goes two years without winning a single Grand Slam, I don't think it will affect him. I know him well and he loves tennis too much to let himself go and get distracted.

He will always have goals, he will not run out. But I'm a little dizzy thinking about the next two years. He will have to get used to this level of media attention, it all happened so suddenly,” said the Spanish coach.

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