Carlos Alcaraz: Being ATP No. 1 comes with responsibility

The young Spanish talent also expressed himself well in words despite his young age

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz: Being ATP No. 1 comes with responsibility

World number one Carlos Alcaraz is advancing in the Paris-Bercy tournament without any particular problems. Since he reached the top of the world rankings, the Spaniard has had a few more problems than expected and some have attributed this to the pressure that this ranking can bring.

After a complicated start Alcaraz is slowly getting into the tournament and has reached the quarter-finals where today he will face a very complicated challenge. Alcaraz faced the Danish tennis player Holger Run in the quarterfinals.

The tennis player spoke at a press conference in Paris-Bercy after the victory against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov. Here are his words: "I have to say that I played much better than my first game here. I am slowly getting used to these conditions and reaching the quarter-finals means a lot to me.

I took advantage of the fact that Dimitrov didn't start at his level and played like that for most of the game. Then when he suddenly improved he had a few chances, but luckily I kept my calm and concentration and with my best tennis I was able to stop him.

I analyzed things calmly in the difficult moment and I was able to get out of it without problems."

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The young Murcian talent continued: "What does it mean to be number 1? It is a very good feeling to be at the top, to feel that you are the best tennis player in the world.

However, I clarify that in the end it is just a number. I can lose to anyone and being at the top of the leaderboard doesn't make you win every match or tournament. For me the most important thing is to accept that if I don't play my best I can lose against anyone, this helps me to work hard every time.

For me it is a fantastic year, I would like to finish in first place. Then I will do what I would have done in any case, that is a nice vacation and then the preseason in view of Australia." The tennis player concluded by talking about the presence of his parents here in Bercy: "It is a great pleasure for me that my parents support from the stands, it is usually difficult to take them around the world during tournaments but lifting the number one trophy in front of them was fantastic."

Carlos Alcaraz