'The efforts delivered by Carlos Alcaraz were immense', says expert

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'The efforts delivered by Carlos Alcaraz were immense', says expert

Just a week ago, on Saturday November 5, Carlos Alcaraz was forced to withdraw from participating in the Nitto ATP Finals for the first time. An injury that forced him to withdraw from the Rolex Paris Masters is responsible for his absence in Turin.

Of those physical problems, specifically in the abdominal area, the Spaniard is already recovering at home. And, through social networks, Alcaraz taught his followers on Instagram the work that he is applying with his physical trainer and physiotherapist Juanjo Moreno.

"Recovery time with @juanjo_moreno_m!", He wrote on his official profile along with a video in which he exhibits his routines on a fitball to work on the damaged area. Alcaraz is the current No.1 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings and could finish a season for the first time atop the world rankings.

The Murcian has nine weeks at the top. But both Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas could prevent Alcaraz from finishing number one in Turin. Right now, the difference between the three players who can finish No. 1 is as follows before the Nitto ATP Finals: No.

1 – Carlos Alcaraz (6,820 points)
No. 2 – Rafael Nadal (5,820 points)
No. 3 – Stefanos Tsitsipas (5,350 points) * The Nitto ATP Finals gives the chance to add 1,500 points from this Sunday, November 13 until next Sunday, November 20.

The Nitto ATP Finals are the culmination of the ATP Tour season. The tournament, in which only the eight best ranked players and couples compete, has been held in major cities around the world, with a rich history since the birth of The Masters in Tokyo (1970).

Between 2021 and 2025, the event will be held at the Pala Alpitour in Turin, the largest indoor sports hall in Italy.

Alex Corretja reflects on Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz was left mentally and physically drained by an exhausting campaign that saw him win the US Open and become world No 1, according to Alex Corretja.

“I am convinced that in 2023, it will be dealt with differently, and I still think that the way they [his coaching team] dealt with him was still excellent. We’ve got to remember that what Alcaraz has done is almost a miracle because fighting for what he actually fights for at the age of 19, no one had ever done it before.

The efforts delivered by Alcaraz were immense, too much, to a point where it was almost impossible not to get injured,” Corretja said.