Carlos Alcaraz continues to break records: the latest milestone

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Carlos Alcaraz continues to break records: the latest milestone

Carlos Alcaraz is rewriting the history of tennis despite his young age, making sure to finish the 2022 season as number 1 in the world, the youngest in the history of the sport, surpassing the previous record belonging to the Australian Lleyton Hewitt.

However, this is not the only record that the Murciano has managed to break with his feat, since Alcaraz has proved to be the tennis player who has climbed the most positions in just one year to finish at the top. He started the season as world number 32 and in just 11 months he managed to conquer the top of the ATP ranking.

Until now, Novak Djokovic, in 2018, was the one who had improved the most positions to finish as number 1, starting from 12th place that season. A record scrambled by Alcaraz, who can thus console himself with the first world position despite the forfeit at the ATP Finals and also in the Davis Cup.

This year the pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero participated in 17 tournaments playing 70 games, with a budget of 57 wins and 13 defeats.

Carlos Alcaraz continues to break records: the latest milestone

In 2022 Carlos was awarded the US Open, two Masters 1000 (Miami and Madrid) and two ATP 500 (Rio and Barcelona).

Carlos will remain at number 1 no matter what happens in the Finals at least until early 2023. Although it is true that the new mixed competition for nations, the United Cup, starts on December 29th, the points acquired would not be reflected in the ranking until Monday 9 January.

Therefore, this date is the first in which Alcaraz could suffer the first attacks in the standings from the opposite, as it will also reflect what happened in the ATP 250 tournaments in Adelaide and Pune. Based on this fact, Carlos Alcaraz already knows that he will reach at least 17 weeks from number 1 in the world, which will allow him to overcome Medvedev's 16 and become the 17th player in history with the most accumulated time at the top of the ATP rankings, a number destined to rise vigorously.

Below the tweet with the data which highlights the amazing season played by the Spanish young star: