'Carlos Alcaraz has a great team around him', says legend

Carlos Alcaraz clinched the US Open 2022

by Simone Brugnoli
'Carlos Alcaraz has a great team around him', says legend

An indelible mark with an important message. Facing the next season, Carlos Alcaraz has decided to introduce something new in himself: a tattoo, the first of his life. The moment was immortalized on social networks, with the photo of the tattoo artist transcribing the words, specified by the Spanish tennis player himself in his Instagram post: 'CCC', are the three initials enshrined on the world number one's arm.

In the social message, the three C's are accompanied by three emoticons that explain what those three C's mean. 'Head, Heart and Lame! "#': This is what the three letters tattooed on his arm mean. This phrase is a tribute to his grandfather, as the Slam champion himself had indicated a few months ago.

During the Miami Masters 1000, the first he won in his career, he had declared, according to Fanpage: "My grandfather always told me to focus on the 'Three C': head, heart and balls". Now, this message will accompany you during these and all the following seasons.

Head, heart and balls need Carlos Alcaraz to resume competition after the break he suffered in Paris-Bercy, when he withdrew with an abdominal problem. The same problem that led him to lose the final of the Atp and the final of the Davis Cup.

Now that the six-week break is over, the Spaniard has decided to start over in Australia. A start that will not see Carlos Alcaraz wearing the Spain shirt in the United Cup, but the world number will fly directly to the Australian Open.

Lendl reflects on Alcaraz

Ivan Lendl is the latest name in the tennis world to shower praise on World No. 1, Carlos Alcaraz. "I don't know that. I don't look at it that way. I know Carlos Alcaraz is coached very well. He has a great team around him.

Those guys are very, very good at what they do, the Spaniards. And Juan Carlos Ferrero is fantastic and they're teaching him well, they're teaching him the right things, they're teaching him all the protocols. He's an extremely polite young man.

He's great. The Spanish guys do something very good. The French guys do that as well. They retain their former pros and plug them into the programs," Lendl expressed. In Melbourne, the Slam champion will try to conquer the Slam title, but a more difficult task will be to defend the top of the ranking.

Several players could aspire to that position: the most complex Rafael Nadal, while Casper Ruud will not defend any point on Australian soil, taking into account his withdrawal before the last edition.

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