Former tennis player pays tribute to Carlos Alcaraz

Alcaraz is currently taking part in the Argentina Open

by Simone Brugnoli
Former tennis player pays tribute to Carlos Alcaraz

Very quickly came the first final of the season for Carlos Alcaraz. The young Spanish tennis player, 19 years old and current number two in the world, was happy after getting his third win of the week by defeating his compatriot Bernabé Zapata Miralles in straight sets.

Now in the game for the title of the Argentina Open, the Murcian will face the other favorite of the event, the British Cameron Norrie. "Norrie is a great player, a great warrior. I have to be at a great level. I have to play at my best level to beat him: be very aggressive, seek to impose my game, do what I've been doing and enjoy.

It's a final, not every day a final is played and I have to enjoy the moment. As I have said on several occasions: enjoying is where I get my best level", commented Alcaraz in statements taken up by 'Punto de Break' Precisely regarding the motivation that playing another game for the title generates, he indicated: "The nerves, but controlled nerves are quite good.

They keep you very focused and don't let you get completely distracted. I am a very competitive player and I approach the finals with the following philosophy: finals are not played, they are won. I have that quite present." “I have to go all out, I can't let the nerves of a final shrink me, they don't let me let go of my arm, enjoy myself or be me on the track.

Above all, in the beginning, they are very important, you have to release the tension of playing a final and go enjoy it," he added. In the end it will be the final dreamed of by the organizers of the Argentina Open, between the two seeded teams.

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Mark Petchey praises Alcaraz

Former tennis player Mark Petchey has opined that Carlos Alcaraz could become one of the most impactful players the sport has ever seen.

"I don't believe @carlosalcaraz is a 20 time Major Champion as this number has become become ‘normalised’. He may not win 10. However, just like Bjorn Borg, I do believe he will be one of the most influential tennis players the game has ever had with the way he plays." Alcaraz is currently taking part in the Argentina Open, where he played his first competitive game in 104 days on tour.

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