Latest update on Carlos Alcaraz's schedule

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Latest update on Carlos Alcaraz's schedule

In addition to losing the Rio Open final to Cameron Norrie, Carlos Alcaraz injured the same leg he had sustained earlier this year. The 19-year-old Spaniard played practically from a standstill in the second part of the match and had to surrender to the British, who was good at believing it and taking advantage of his opponent's non-optimal conditions.

Juan Carlos Ferrero's protégé is expected to play the ATP 500 in Acapulco this week, but his presence is highly doubtful given the circumstances. The Murciano, who missed the Mexican tournament last year, is aware of the importance that his participation would have for the organizers.

Her first round match would take place on Tuesday against Mackenzie McDonald. According to reports from 'MARCA', 'Carlitos' has decided to travel to Acapulco with his physiotherapist Juanjo Moreno, while the rest of the team that accompanied him to South America will return to Spain.

The Iberian will meet his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero in Mexico. Depending on the ultrasound and/or MRI results, he will decide whether to play or not.

New details on Carlos Alcaraz's injury

Carlos Alcaraz has opened up on an injury scare that plagued him during his 2023 Rio Open final loss to Cameron Norrie on Sunday (February 26).

"The schedule is very demanding. I have been playing at the highest level for 15 days, without stopping for any day. In the end, playing games like today, discomfort arises, and you notice things. To prevent, you ask for the physio and they bandage your leg, but I felt pain in the same muscle where I had the injury last month.

It's hard. I have tried to play at my best level despite that setback. When you're injured, that affects your game, because when you're not well you have to do something different and risk more than necessary. I tried to be more aggressive and finish the points faster, but against an opponent like Norrie, who is very tough, it's difficult to win.

Taking so many risks, you end up making a lot of mistakes and that has influenced me a lot. It has been a very tough match. I had my chances, and I was not able to take advantage of them. This is what happens when you can't take advantage of them against a great player like Norrie, who goes back to you in no time.

Physically I couldn't finish as I would have liked, but this is what it takes to compete on such a demanding calendar. Now I only think about recovering."

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