Carlos Alcaraz celebrated in Murcia: the recognition is fantastic


Carlos Alcaraz celebrated in Murcia: the recognition is fantastic

After the numerous awards that have been dedicated to Rafael Nadal over the years, Carlos Alcaraz is also being honored by the Spanish country and by the places that formed him, especially after winning a Grand Slam title and becoming number one in the world.

For this reason, the city of El Palmar has decided that it will be wallpapered by Carlos Alcaraz. After the first mural dedicated by the Spanish city to the Grand Slam winner, a second has recently appeared: a very young Carlitos has been depicted on the wall of his elementary school.

An equally significant mural for the former world number one: when he returned to the Murcia region after the Roland Garros, he had gone to greet his old teachers, to whom he was very close as he himself declared. It is, therefore, the second recognition for the Grand Slam champion, after the first mural that was dedicated to him after the end of the Roland Garros.

Below you can admire the new mural on Carlos, shared on Twitter:

Carlos Alcaraz celebrated in Murcia: the recognition is fantastic

On that occasion, after the end of the French Open, where he was defeated by Alexander Zverev in the quarterfinals, and before flying to London for the Wimbledon stage, Carlos Alcaraz returned home to be welcomed by the mayor, José Antonio Serrano, and celebrate his victories achieved in the first part of 2022, from the Miami Open to the Madrid Open.

"As mayor of Murcia, I cannot but congratulate you for taking the name of our municipality and your district, El Palmar, around the world. You have become an unbeatable ambassador." These were the statements of the mayor of the Spanish city in honor of the winner of the last US Open on the occasion of the previous celebration.

In the programming outlined so far, Alcaraz should return to his Spain for two stages: he has already been announced for the 500 tournament in Barcelona, where he will have to defend the title last year; just as his presence in Madrid should be expected, where he will also defend the title.

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