Djokovic's wife and son show respect to Alcaraz after Novak's tough loss


Djokovic's wife and son show respect to Alcaraz after Novak's tough loss
Djokovic's wife and son show respect to Alcaraz after Novak's tough loss

Novak Djokovic's son Stefan together with the Serbian's wife Jelena and some other celebrities, like Hugh Jackman, waited inside a Wimbledon hallway to congratulate Carlos Alcaraz in a personal manner, even if the Spaniard denied a Wimbledon title to their favorite.

Showing class, Djokovic's son Stefan shook hands with Carlitos and Jelena exchanged a few words with the Spaniard.

Novak Djokovic also gave credit to Alcaraz

Besides his wife and son, Djokovic's himself had words of praise for Carlos.

“I think people have been talking in the past 12 months or so about [Alcaraz’s] game consisting of certain elements from Roger, Rafa, and myself. I would agree with that. I think he's got basically best of all three worlds.

He's got this mental resilience and really maturity for someone who is 20 years old. It's quite impressive. He's got this Spanish bull mentality of competitiveness and fighting spirit and incredible defence that we've seen with Rafa over the years.

And I think he's got some nice sliding backhands that he's got some similarities with my backhands. The two-handed backhands, defence, being able to adapt. I think that has been my personal strength for many years. He has it, too.

I haven't played a player like him ever, to be honest. Roger and Rafa have their own obvious strengths and weaknesses. Carlos is a very complete player. Amazing adapting capabilities that I think are a key for longevity and for a successful career on all surfaces,” said Djokovic.

Yet, this is not to say that Djokovic wasn't frustrated during the match. "It was a frustration in the moment. I answered to your colleague two minutes ago about that. There's not much to say about that," Djokovic said after being asked to motivate his decision of smashing his racket.


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