A former legend said what Carlos Alcaraz has more than his rivals


A former legend said what Carlos Alcaraz has more than his rivals
A former legend said what Carlos Alcaraz has more than his rivals

The qualities of Carlos Alcaraz are now clear to everyone and the victory over Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon confirmed that the Spaniard is no longer just the future of tennis, but the present. Number 1 in the world and already winner of two Slam titles, the adjectives to describe the 20-year-old Spaniard are now finished.

Tennis enthusiasts and experts now consider Carlitos the favorite in every tournament, not forgetting the still ample room for improvement of the Spanish phenomenon. During an episode of the Advantage Connors podcast, former tennis player Spencer Segura analyzed the Wimbledon final together with the former American champion, praising Alcaraz's extraordinary talent.

Segura: "Alcaraz can only improve, unlike Djokovic"

Segura, who played doubles with eight-time Grand Slam champion Jimmy Connors and son of Hall of Fame inductee Pancho Segura, explained how age was a factor in Alcaraz's favor going into the Wimbledon final.

He explained: "One thing I've seen is that there's a big age difference, ok. He has strokes that no one has. On the pitch, he knows how to angle. Off the pitch, he can float the ball. He has all the strokes I think his backhand is the better shot of the two.

With his talent and his youth, he was able to play the ball from far back. Now that Djokovic is 36 years old, you don't have any more springs in your legs that this Alcaraz boy has. You just don't have them, and this guy is so talented that you know when he's going to end up winning that game, which was very close.

I think from now on though, Alcaraz will only get better, I don't think Djokovic can get any better now." Carlitos said on the eve of Toronto: "I still have the Wimbledon trophy in my living room, every time I have dinner or lunch with my family I see the title.

It's something I definitely don't want to forget. I've only had a week to think about this success, not that much time. I think it's not much because all of this is really hard to imagine. Winning Wimbledon at just 20 is incredible, something I've dreamed of since the day I started playing tennis.

It was my fourth tournament played on grass, so it's obviously unexpected for me. It's an incredible achievement and I still can't believe it today."

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