Sharapova reacts after getting photo with Alcaraz in Toronto

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Sharapova reacts after getting photo with Alcaraz in Toronto
Sharapova reacts after getting photo with Alcaraz in Toronto

After meeting Carlos Alcaraz in Toronto, Maria Sharapova included a photo with the Spaniard in a photo dump from Toronto that she posted on Instagram.

Sharapova what "strikes" her about Carlos Alcaraz in a recent interview for Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Carlos is incredible. What strikes me about him is his fighting spirit on every point. He manages to put on a show and inflame the crowd every time he sets foot on the field. I'm curious to see where he can go in his career.

I think in the beginning the comparisons to Rafa were inevitable but he's developing a style and a personality of his own that will make him a one of a kind player," Sharapova said. Yet, Sharapova also expressed her feelings about Jannik Sinner's game.

"I know Jannik quite well. He is a serious and humble boy. I like his fluid and powerful style, he almost seems like he doesn't struggle, but in reality there is a great effort behind his game. I think he has reached a good level of tennis but now I hope he is ready to win too.

Fans have been waiting for his triumph for a long time,” said Sharapova.

How did Alcaraz feel meeting Sharapova

Carlos Alcaraz talked about his meeting with Sharapova. "I watched her, you know, a lot of matches. She was a great tennis player.

She was probably one of the best players in the world. And I was in shock because I didn't expect her to be here in Toronto. And she was first in the lift and it was, She is Maria or no? You know what I mean? But it was great to meet her and know that she's going really well, and, you know, she's life right now. And talk a little bit with her, it was really nice," Alcaraz said of meeting Sharapova.


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