Fans compare Alcaraz's mysterious pills with Djokovic's "magic drinks"

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Fans compare Alcaraz's mysterious pills with Djokovic's "magic drinks"
Fans compare Alcaraz's mysterious pills with Djokovic's "magic drinks" © @WhatSports10 / Twitter - Eurosport broadcast capture

After Carlos Alcaraz received a bottle with a few pills in it from his team during the second-round US Open match against Lloyd Harris, the Spaniard's act was compared by tennis fans to Novak Djokovic's infamous magic drinks.

Here is the video of Alcaraz receiving the pills from his team.

Here are some of the reactions coming from tennis fans on X (formerly known as Twitter):
  • "Another virus?"
  • "Some of these accusations of hypocrisy are hilarious.

    Why would anyone accuse Alcaraz of anything when he took the pills while he was a set and a break UP?! Not much need for performance enhancing 'magic' pills when he's winning, is there? Duh."

  • "The same energy is all we want if it's about Novak Djokovic."
  • "This is so uncalled for.

    The attention is unnecessary! Did the team think of a pill crusher; crushing the pill and mixing it with juice or something! Players get mixed juices from their boxes all the time! That would have been a better strategy imo with less attention!"

  • "Imagine if this was Djokovic."
  • "Imagine that would be Djokovic.

    Every fraud would scream doping."

Novak Djokovic revealed the content of his "magic drinks"

During the 2022 Wimbledon edition, after tennis fans were left confused about the contents of a white bottle Novak Djokovic has been inhaling from, Nole opened up but didn’t divulge too much.“Magic potion, that is all I can say.

You'll find out all about it soon, but right now I can't talk about it,” Novak Djokovic said about the contents of the mysterious white bottle, according to a tweet by BBC correspondent Laura Scott.


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