Carlos Alcaraz reveals his two real goals for 2024

The Spanish champion wants to win another Major and the Olympic gold medal

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz reveals his two real goals for 2024
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Carlos Alcaraz will not have points to defend until the 2024 Australian Open and has the chance to get closer to the ATP No.1, presided over by Novak Djokovic. In the meantime, the Spanish champion has revealed what his big goals are for 2024.

Obviously, these are ambitious goals, and how could it be otherwise! Carlitos spoke at the end of the exhibition match valid for the cup named after him - the Carlos Alcaraz Cup - played against countryman Roberta Bautista Agut.

"My goal for 2024 is to win another Grand Slam and a medal at the Paris Olympic Games. If I had to choose just one, I would get the gold medal in France," explained Alcaraz.
The Carlos Alcaraz Cup match was held in front of a sports hall in Murcia, packed with people in the stands.

The young player coached by Juan Carlos Ferrero managed to beat his Spanish friend at the end of a super tie-break in the third set (10-7). After winning the first set in the tie-break, Alcaraz suffered the reaction of Bautista Agut, who then surrendered in a rather hard-fought final.

What Alcaraz wants and what he can get

At 20, Carlitos has already won two Slams. The feeling is that it is just the appetizer of an epic career. What does Carlitos want? Obviously, becoming a legend.

Winning Slams, breaking records, defeating his opponents. Trying to become the new epochal star of tennis, Rafael Nadal's heir. What can he achieve? I don't personally know if Alcaraz will be able to do what Nadal did. In any case, E3 must be weighed in relation to the opponents.

Nadal did it for 17 years in a tennis where there were Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka. In the age of giants. I don't know if Carlitos' next rivals can have and do what these extraordinary champions did before them.

Carlos Alcaraz