Carlos Alcaraz's outfit for the Australian Open is inspired by Rafael Nadal

The Spanish tennis player will wear a sleeveless outfit, reminiscent of his legendary countryman

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz's outfit for the Australian Open is inspired by Rafael Nadal
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"One of the things I love is seeing the crowd enjoy when I make special plays and it gives me energy to perform at my best level. I love making short balls and at the same time hitting the ball hard to scare my opponents. No matter how many resources techniques I have, there are still aspects on which I need to improve and I am aware of this.

My tennis is good but I need to grow physically and mentally. I am only 20 years old and I believe I have ample room for improvement. Tennis is constantly evolving and you have to know how to adapt to new needs. At the moment I think I'm at 70-75% of my potential."

With these words, in an interview granted to Le Figaro, Carlitos Alcaraz analyzed how far he has reached in his young tennis career. The Spaniard, winner of two Slam titles, will make his debut tomorrow at the Australian Open 2024, in a tournament where he will not have to defend points due to his absence due to injury last season. Precisely for this reason he will be able to attack the throne of the ATP ranking presided over by Novak Djokovic.

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Carlitos' outfit for the Australian Open: does it remember you someone?

"I laugh naturally on the court, I play to have fun and always try to do different things. When I started playing, when I was four or five years old, it was already like that. I want to enjoy this whole experience because I'm living my dream from childhood, I still perceive tennis as a fun game and nothing more, deep down I believe that part of my success is due to having a smile on my face, I think it reflects on my level of play," added Carlitos in the same interview.

Meanwhile, the Spaniard, who will play the first round at the Australian Open tomorrow, will wear an outfit for the Australian Slam that recalls that of his legendary countryman Rafel Nadal. In fact, Carlitos will wear a yellow and white sleeveless t-shirt with green inserts. Here are the photos shared by the X account @Olly_Tennis_:

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