Carlos Alcaraz mocks Juventus fans: "Thanks for the trust!"


Carlos Alcaraz mocks Juventus fans: "Thanks for the trust!"
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Carlos Alcaraz is officially a new Juventus soccer player. The deal was closed on loan with the right to buy for a total sum of up to $52 million.

The loan is onerous and will be paid $3.7 million, but the figure can increase up to $1.9 million based on the number of appearances. The redemption right is set at $49.5 million and this figure, payable in 3 financial years, can also increase with further bonuses.

Carlos Alcaraz
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"Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that it has reached an agreement with the Southampton Football Club company for the acquisition, on a temporary basis until 30 June 2024, of the right to the sporting performances of the footballer Carlos Jonas Alcaraz Duran for a fee of $3 .7 million, in addition to ancillary charges of $0.2 million, which may be increased by a sum not exceeding $1.9 million upon the achievement of certain sporting objectives.

Furthermore, the agreement provides for Juventus' right to acquire a the footballer's sporting performances on a definitive basis for an agreed fee of $49.5 million, payable in three financial years, which may be increased, during the duration of the sporting performance contract with the player, upon the achievement of further sporting objectives."

Carlos Alcaraz a new Juventus player?

Ok, now you're wondering: what's happening? Does Alcaraz leave tennis for soccer? Not of course! This is Carlos Jonas Alcaraz Duran, born in La Plata on 30 November 2002. He is an Argentine soccer player, midfielder from the English Premier League club Southampton, now on loan to Juventus.

After the announcement of the signing of Carlos Alcaraz Duran, the fans took the time to jokingly tag the tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, as if the Spaniard had moved to Juventus F.C.

Alcaraz, on Instagram, enjoyed responding to the fans, commenting: "I'll do my best! Thanks for the trust!"

Carlos Alcaraz