Severin Luthi is very impressed by Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz already has three Slams under his belt

by Simone Brugnoli
Severin Luthi is very impressed by Carlos Alcaraz
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With his victory at Roland Garros he is undoubtedly the man of the moment, Carlos Alcaraz is only 21 years old and already has three Slams under his belt, all achieved on different surfaces. A champion in total growth and who seems only at the beginning of an extraordinary career, everyone in these hours-both fans and insiders-is wondering how far the Murcian champion can really go.

Carlos Alcaraz
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Roger Federer's former historical coach, the well-known Severin Luthi, spoke to the microphones of Tennis Legend Podcast and covered many topics. Here specifically are his words, "It's incredible what he did, we are talking about a guy who is still 21 years old.

After the third set I thought Zverev had won, I had the impression that he was stronger at that moment and instead I was wrong. It is absurd, in some ways crazy, that Alcaraz has already won three Grand Slam titles, at only 21 years old."

Severin Luthi pays tribute to Carlos Alcaraz

Severin Luthi then revealed a backstory about Carlos Alcaraz, "I don't know him very well-we only trained with him once at Wimbledon. He was still a junior, I talked to Ferrero and I remember he said he was good.

At that time he was already very good but we didn't imagine that he already had this career. Predictions? I'm cautious, no one would have imagined the Big Three passing 20 Slams, there are so many factors besides skill but I see a bright future for him."

Carlos Alcaraz
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Luthi talked about what impresses him about Alcaraz: "There aren't many tennis players who hit the ball that hard, I'm thinking for example of Alexander Zverev. What impresses me the most is his passion and I think he lives for what he does.

He has good manners and is genuine, then he is complete. 20/30 years ago the Spanish only played from the back court, but he is complete."

The Spanish tennis player will return to the court next week for the ATP 500 of the Queen's historic preparatory event for Wimbledon. He will be the number 1 seed of the tournament because the same week, Jannik Sinner, number 1 in the world, will lead the seeding of the 500 of Halle.

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