Carlos Alcaraz made a huge change lately

The race of the reigning Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz continues unabated

by Simone Brugnoli
Carlos Alcaraz made a huge change lately
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The race of the reigning Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz continues unabated. The scoreboard of the Spaniard was on paper smooth but the tennis player is taking advantage of this and closed the first two challenges in fluency.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz© Francois Nel / Staff Getty Images Sport

Against the Australian Vukic Alcaraz finished with the result of 7-6;6-2;6-2. After a first set where the young Spaniard had some small difficulties, Carlos ended without problems and reached the third round.

Here are his words in the post match press conference: "I’m happy with the level at which I played today, I feel that I’m improving every day of the tournament. I’m adding training, playing and perfecting my work.

I think I’ve improved a lot at the service and I think I’m moving better than the first match, I’m happy and satisfied with my shots. I hope to continue this and raise my level again".

Alcaraz has already won the Roland Garros this year and aims to win the fourth Slam of his young career.

Carlos Alcaraz reveals some details

In the next round, Carlos Alcaraz will face American Frances Tiafoe, who lost a lot of matches in recent months.

Carlos Alcaraz, Wimbledon 2024
Carlos Alcaraz, Wimbledon 2024© Francois Nel / Staff - Getty Images Sport

"I have a great relationship with him as with many tennis players off the court but inside nobody is my friend” – Carlos Alcaraz said.

“When you are on the field you have to focus only on yourself and you have to think about beating your opponent. Frances is a great tennis player and a great person, she always smiles and has fun both on and off the court.

An awesome guy who tries to give show every time he goes out, it will be a very fun game to play and I will do everything to win. Us Open 2022? It will be a totally different context, there we were at his house and instead here it will be a little different.

We played a great match and it was very close, five sets, I hope that this year things will not go the same way". On the pressure of the reigning champion Alcaraz explains: "I already found myself in this position, the last time at the Us Open I did not feel much pressure and I try not to think about it. A lot has changed lately, I go to bed earlier and I tend to rest more, I also tend not to use the phone much and this has been difficult for me (laughs). I am facing some things and I want to do everything in my power to play my best".

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