Match fixing allegations overshadow challenger tournament in Texas

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Match fixing allegations overshadow challenger tournament in Texas

Yesterday a first round match between Ukraine's Denys Molchanov and Argentina's Agustin Velotti at the RBC Tennis Championships in Dallas has erupted in controversy after numerous allegations of match fixing on social media.

Going into the match world number 303 Agustín Velotti was clearly the underdog as he was playing in his first match of 2015 against world number 174 Molchanov. Despite losing the first set, Velotti went on to take the match 5-7 6-2 6-3.

When you initially look at the score there is nothing too suspicious as many lower ranked player's have beaten their higher ranked opponents in numerous tournaments throughout the years. It isn't until to look at some of Molchanov's play and the betting websites that suspicion occurs.

An extraordinary detailed and analytical review of the match by sports website has revealed some worrying issues which suggest that there is potentially a high chance of match fixing being involved. The review found that after the first set, £200,000 in bets was placed. Despite being a set down, underdog Velotti was still given a 80.6% chance of winning the match.

An extremely questionable percentage considering that he was a set down to a player ranked nearly 200 places higher than him. By the end of the match an outstanding £600,000 was placed on the Betfair market place. Another key issue was when Velotti was given at 1:09 or 91.7% of winning midway during the match despite not being ahead.

The report sums the findings up in the following sentence "Agustin Velotti had begun the match as the outsider, but had steadily shortened in the markets, independently of what was actually taking place in the match itself.

It was as though someone knew from the very start that there was no chance of Denys Molchanov winning the match."