Match Fixing: Andrey Golubev and Aleksandr Nedovyesov Star in Dubious Match!

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Match Fixing: Andrey Golubev and Aleksandr Nedovyesov Star in Dubious Match!

Another match fixing scandal hitting tennis soon? It could be the case as an encounter played in the Challenger of Scheveningen (€42.500+H, clay) raises many doubts on its regularity. The match being investigated features Aleksandr Nedovyesov seeded No 4 and World No 95 in the rankings playing against Andrey Golubev, ranked at No 156.

It was a first-round match in the Netherlands, with both players coming back from the Davis Cup World Group tie lost by Kazakhstan against Australia at Darwin. The bookmakers couldn't find a clear favorite for the match and both players were given a 1,83 to 1,83 initial quotation.

According to betting website something went weird soon after the match started in the quotations made. Let's break down the match to understand the shifting. Andrey Golubev started the match better, winning the first set by 6 games to 2.

Up until then, there was nothing mysterious or unusual happening in the bookmakers quotes. At the end of the first set Golubev was quoted at 1,23 and his opponent at 4. When the score was 6-2 3-3 and Nedovyesov was serving up 30-15, something suddenly changed.

In a second it was Nedovyesov who was the favorite, with his quote decreasing to 1.69. When that happened Golubev hadn't lost a point on his serve and no medical time-out was requested by any of the two players. In fact, there was no rational need for a change in quotations in favor of Nedovyesov. Hard to believe down a set and 3-3 that Nedovyesov was suddenly the favorite to win the match.