Texas A&M men's fell to Tennessee at the Barksdale Stadium


Texas A&M men's fell to Tennessee at the Barksdale Stadium

The Texas A&M men's tennis team was defeated by Tennessee, Sunday at Barksdale Stadium. Now, the Aggies return home for a doubleheader, Saturday, April 1 at the Mitchell Tennis Center. The Maroon & White will take on the Florida Gators at 1:00pm.

and end the night with the Rice Owls at 7pm. Coach Steve Denton explained: "We had chances in doubles but couldn't convert them. Tennessee took advantage of doubles and carried the momentum into singles by winning most of the first sets.

We can't give a good team a Drive away and expect to win. Time to regroup this week, work and prepare for another big test against Florida and Rice." Starting the game with doubles, the Volunteers (14-6, 4-2 SEC) took the early lead.

No. 39 Noah Schachter/Trey Hilderbrand collided with No. 2 Johannus Monday/Pat Harper on court 1, but narrowly finished (6-4). On court 3, Raphael Perot/Giulio Perego were on course to tie the score on Angel Diaz/Martim Prata (5-3), when Tennessee's Emile Hudd/Shunsuke Mitsui earned the doubles point off Kenner Taylor/Pierce Rollins on field 2 ( 6-4).

Needing four singles hits, the Aggies (11-8, 4-3 SEC) faced a tough challenge. Tennessee continued their singles momentum by allowing them to take runs 5, 6, and 4 to secure the game. Playing the rest of the singles, the Volunteers also took courts 3 and 1.

At the end of the game, No. 65 Raphael Perot snagged a ranked win over No. 57 Hudd in a second set tiebreak on court 2 for 6-2 , 7-6(5).

Men's Singles Matches

No. 38 Schachter - No. 2 Johannus Monday (4-6, 3-6) No. 65 Perot Def. No.

57 Emile Hudd (6-2, 7-6(5)) No. 104 Rollins - Blaise Bicknell (4-6, 6-7(6)) Perego - No. 122 Shunsuke Mitsui (4-6, 2-6) Marson - Angel Diaz (0-6, 4-6) Ross - Tomas Rodriguez (1-6, 1-6)

Men's Doubles Matches

No. 39 Schachter/Hilderbrand- No.

2 Pat Harper/Johannus Monday (4-6) Taylor/Rollins - No. 60 Emile Hudd/Shunsuke Mitsui (4-6) Perot/Perego - Angel Diaz/Martim Prata (5-3) unfinished

Photo Credits: Texas A&M website