The University of South Carolina women beats Alabama 4-0

The women's tennis team completes the regular season with a 13-9 record and an 8-5 record in conference play

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The University of South Carolina women beats Alabama 4-0

The University of South Carolina women's tennis team beat Alabama 4-0, in Tuscaloosa, to conclude the regular season on Sunday. The Gamecocks claimed the doubles point and three straight singles for the win. The women's tennis team completes the regular season with a 13-9 record and an 8-5 record in conference play.

The team earned a bye as the No. 1 seed. 6 in the SEC tournament. Winner 14-seeded Mississippi State and 11-seeded Kentucky will play on Friday, April 20 at 3:00 p.m. The SEC Tournament will take place in Fayetteville, Arkansas April 19-23.

The Crimson Tide scored first in doubles to drop the game to No. 2 6-3, but No. 3 South Carolina duo Ana Cruz and Allie Gretkowski tied the decision with a 6-4 win from No. 3 in the lineup. All eyes turned to Court 1 where No. 54 Ayana Akli and Sarah Hamner were facing No.

32 Loudmilla Bencheikh and Anne Marie Hiser. The game was even but the Gamecocks prevailed, winning the game 7-5 to clinch the doubles point. In singles play, No. 9 Akli was the first to record a win, beating No. 114 Bencheikh in straight sets.

Akli dominated the first set 6-1, but her opponent fought back in the second, taking a 4-2 lead. The Gamecock refused to give up, claiming the next four-game streak to win the match by a 6-4 second set. The next Gamecock to record a win was Cruz, who entered the lineup in sixth place.

Cruz was unstoppable in the first set, making herself up 6-1, but battled to a close second set that was to be decided in a tiebreaker. The switch was all Cruz with the senior coming out on top 7-1 for the win. The match win came from runner-up Misa Malkin on court 3.

Malkin also posted a 6-1 first set total and had to decide her second set in a tiebreak. In the break she took the lead early, jumping to 5-1, and was able to close out the match with a 7-3 in the second set. Malkin now extends her hitting streak to seven straight games, all in SEC games.

About the University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is a public university located in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, supported by 7 satellite campuses. The historic campus covers 359 acres in downtown Columbia, not far from the South Carolina State House.

The University has been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for its research, being ranked among the top ten by the U.S. News & World Report for being one of the most promising and innovative and for decades has been recognized annually for prestigious graduates in International Business programs.

It is also home to the largest collections of the works of Robert Burns and Scottish literature outside Scotland, and owns the largest collection of the works of Ernest Hemingway in the world. Founded in 1801 as South Carolina College, USC is the flagship institution of the University System of South Carolina and offers more than 350 programs of study.

This university system has approximately 46,264 students, with 31,288 students on the main campus in Columbia. Professional schools on the Columbia campus include business, engineering, law, medicine, and pharmacy. The sports section of the university involves 19 teams and competes in the Southeastern Conference and are known as the Gamecocks.

The Gamecocks have won 8 national championships, including 2010 and 2011 in baseball, 2005 and 2007 in women's equestrian, and 2002 in women's track and field.