Andres Pedroso, coach of the University of Virginia: "Our players are really special"

The head coach of the 2023 NCAA Championship winner excited after the win

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andres Pedroso, coach of the University of Virginia: "Our players are really special"

The Universtiy of Virginia men's tennis team won its 6th NCAA Championship title on Sunday, beating Ohio State in the finals. It is also the second consecutive title. Head coach Andres Pedros said after the amazing win: "It's kind of surreal like when we won last year.

I give all the credit to the guys, the staff, the coaches. This is such a team effort. So many people have put so much time into a process like this. And the players are really special. It's been a tough semester. We've been through a lot, they've stood their ground and trusted us.

It's a credit to the way they are they were brought up by their families, for their character, for their values and for what they prioritize in life. And I'm so lucky to have these guys because it's such a pleasure to coach them. So all the credit goes to the guys.

I think that the difference between this year and last year might be some guys have really stepped up. Really stepped up! Alex Kieffer and Måns Dahlberg have really stepped up for this team. William Woodall has really stepped up for this team.We had our supporters in the top four and those guys are always there for us.

We rely on those guys every single game, but those three guys have really stepped up for us and the guys on the sidelines too: Doug Yaffa, Ty Switzer, and our student manager Jacob Haley who is just a blessing and just a creator of differences.

And so the guys have stepped up this year big time, and they needed to, and that's probably what makes this year maybe a little bit more special." Chris Rodesch added: "The energy in doubles we had, we came out firing. We got those early breaks, and then we took doubles and first sets.

It just happened really fast. We had amazing body language all throughout doubles. Also in singles Every time I looked over to Iñaki, the guy had his head up all the time. It gave me so much confidence. And then, at the end, it happened so fast.

It's an amazing feeling."

About the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is a public research university located in Charlottesville, Virginia and was founded by Thomas Jefferson. Conceived in 1800, and opened in 1819, it is important in the history of the United States for being the first to offer studies on subjects that are now common, such as architecture, astronomy and philosophy, as well as the first to divide school and church.

Its School of Engineering and Applied Sciences was the first engineering school in the United States associated with a university. Grape. it was officially included in The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia. The University, along with Jefferson's Monticello House, was named a World Heritage Site, one of three modern American places to have been honored.

It was the first campus in the world to be included by UNESCO in this list. The University of Virginia sports program is a Division I-A member and, since 1953, has been a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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