Stanford University gets 15 Academic Honor Rolls in tennis

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Stanford University gets 15 Academic Honor Rolls in tennis
Stanford University gets 15 Academic Honor Rolls in tennis

Stanford University was honored with the conference's top 229 student-athletes nominated to the Pac-12 Spring Academic Honor Roll. Any student-athlete on their respective team roster with a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher and who has served at least one year in residency at the institution is eligible for the distinction.

The 2023 Spring Academic Honor Roll includes 1,135 student-athletes who participated in conference-sponsored sports in baseball, beach volleyball, men's and women's golf, women's lacrosse, men's and women's rowing, softball, men's and women's tennis, and men's and women's outdoor track and field.

As approved by conference athletics faculty representatives, any student-athlete competing in an NCAA sponsored or emerging sport at a Pac-12 institution, regardless of league sponsorship, is also eligible for the Academic Honor Roll and includes 120 student-athletes from the spring sports in track and field stunts, men's lacrosse, men's volleyball, and women's water polo.

As for women's tennis, these were the honors:

Angelica Blake, Sara Choy, Ana Geller, India Houghton, Connie Ma, Valencia Xu, Alexandra Yepifanova.

As for men's tennis, these were the honors:

Max Basing, Aryan Chaudhary, Arthur Fery, Isaac Gorelik, Filip Kolasinski, Alex Lee, Anders Matta, Neel Rajesh.

About Stanford University

The Stanford University is a private university in the United States of America located in California, in the county of Santa Clara, about sixty kilometers south of San Francisco and adjacent to the city of Palo Alto, effectively extending into the heart of Silicon Valley.Stanford University opened its doors in 1891, after six years of planning, by the will of benefactors Jane and Leland Stanford who had decided to found a university to educate California boys in memory of their son, who died of typhus in Florence.The university is also home to the SLAC particle accelerator.
Stanford hosts Stanford Stadium on its campus and has sports teams, called Varsity.

There are men's varsity teams in sixteen disciplines: track and field, baseball, soccer, rowing, cross country, American football, gymnastics, golf, wrestling, swimming and diving, basketball, water polo, volleyball, fencing, tennis, and sailing.There are nineteen women's teams: Track and Field, Rowing, Lightweight Rowing, Soccer, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Golf, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Swimming & Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Basketball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Fencing, Softball, Squash, Tennis and sail.

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