2016 NCAA Division II Women´s Championship: Pirates sweeps Sharks to reach the final for the 15th time

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2016 NCAA Division II Women´s Championship: Pirates sweeps Sharks to reach the final for the 15th time

Defending champions Armstrong State Pirates are just one win away from regaining their NCAA Division II Women's title after commanding 5-0 win over Hawaii Pacific Sharks at Regency Athletic Complex in Denver. The match between 3rd and 7th seeds has failed to bring any excitement, with the Pirates in full control from start to finish, losing only one set when the tie was finished.

Armstrong State will play in their 15th NCAA final, seeking 10th title when they face BYU-Hawaii in the final. The Pirates squad is now 31-1 this season and it will be an amazing battle as BYU is yet to lose a match in 2016! The Pirates put the Sharks on the immediate pressure with 3 doubles victories and concluded the match soon after that with two fast singles wins.

Alejandra Cisneros/Carolina Prats-Millan got the first point for the Pirates, beating Lorena Gheorghe/Syna Kayser 8-6 on court 2. Lena Lutzeier/Diana Stomlega followed their teammates soon after that, ousting Kristyna Hancarova/Nicole Hoynaski 8-5 before Nicole Fossa Huergo/Lena Pacholski ended the doubles play with an 8-5 triumph against Oceane Adam/Julia Sauer.

It was all about Armsrong State in the singles action as well, taking the first set on 5 courts. Lena Pacholski finished first with a one-sided victory against Julia Sauer, by 6-0 6-1 and her doubles partner Nicole Fossa Huergo sealed the tie for the Pirates after ousting Nicole Hoynaski 6-2 6-1.

[3]Armstrong State Pirates vs [7]Hawaii Pacific Sharks 5-0 Doubles (order of match finish - 2, 1, 3) 1. Lena Lutzeier/Diana Stomlega (ARMST) vs Kristyna Hancarova/Nicole Hoynaski (HPU-WTN) 8-5
2. Alejandra Cisneros/Carolina Prats-Millan (ARMST) vs Lorena Gheorghe/Syna Kayser (HPU-WTN) 8-6

Nicole Fossa Huergo/Lena Pacholski (ARMST) vs Oceane Adam/Julia Sauer (HPU-WTN) 8-5 Singles (Order of match finish - 6, 2) 1. Lena Lutzeier (ARMST) vs Kristyna Hancarova (HPU-WTN) 6-3 3-2 Unfinished
2. Nicole Fossa Huergo (ARMST) vs Nicole Hoynaski (HPU-WTN) 6-2 6-1

Alejandra Cisneros (ARMST) vs Syna Kayser (HPU-WTN) 2-6 6-1 Unfinished
4. Carolina Prats-Millan (ARMST) vs Oceane Adam (HPU-WTN) 7-5 4-2 Unfinished
5. Diana Stomlega (ARMST) vs Lorena Gheorghe (HPU-WTN) 6-4 1-2 Unfinished

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