ITA Division I Men's Rankings - February 8, 2017: No changes in the Top 4, Florida gain 5 places

Tennis - Petros Chrysochos is still the leading singles player ahead of Mikael Torpegaard

by Roxana Jo
ITA Division I Men's Rankings - February 8, 2017: No changes in the Top 4, Florida gain 5 places

February 8 brought the full Oracle/ITA Collegiate Tennis Division I Men’s National Rankings, with teams, singles and doubles lists included. Nothing changed in the Top 4 teams rankings, Virginia still holds the lead ahead of Wake Forest, Ohio State, and California. North Carolina moved from 7th to 5th while Florida also has every reason to be very happy with their progress, gaining 5 spots to be 6th.

They defeated Top 10 schools USC and UCLA to deserve their place inside the Top 10. No new teams made the Top 25 cut, but that can all change in the weeks to come. Petros Chrysochos still has a nice lead over Mikael Torpegaard in the singles rankings, with Nuno Borges just behind the Dane in third.

Wake Forest has the doubles top team as well, with Christian Seraphim and Skander Mansouri being ranked ahead of Jack Findel-Hawkins and Lasse Muscheites from North Florida, who moved from 12th to 2nd.

Top 25 ranked teams:


University of Virginia (1)
2. Wake Forest University (2)
3. Ohio State University (3)
4. California (4)
5. University of North Carolina (7)
6. University of Florida (11)
T7. UCLA (6)
T7. Northwestern University (9)
9. USC (8)
10. University of Georgia (5)

University of Texas (10)
12. Oklahoma State University (12)
13. Baylor University (14)
14. University of Oklahoma (13)
15. University of Kentucky (15)
16. Mississippi State University (16)
17. University of Illinois (17)
18. University of Michigan (18)

Columbia University (19)
20. Stanford University (T20)
21. SMU (22)
22. Georgia Tech (24)
23. University of Mississippi (25)
24. TCU (23)
25. Texas A&M University (T20)

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Petros Chrysochos Mikael Torpegaard