ITA Division I Women's Rankings - February 21, 2017: Florida and Francesca Di Lorenzo tops the charts

Tennis - Kate Fahey and Alex Najarian from Michigan moved to leading spot in doubles rankings

by Roxana Jo
ITA Division I Women's Rankings - February 21, 2017: Florida and Francesca Di Lorenzo tops the charts

Oracle and the Intercollegiate Tennis Association made a release of the first computerized national women's team rankings of 2017, with 50 ranked teams, 125 singles players, and 50 doubles squads. The university of Florida cemented the lead after winning the Indoor National Championship, ahead of Ohio State who moved from 4th to 2nd. North Carolina fell from 2nd to 3rd while Michigan gained 6 places, going from 10th to 4th.

Vanderbilt, Auburn, UCLA and Baylor are the new teams inside the Top 10. Georgia dropped 10 spots, falling from 3rd to 13th, but they are still better than Stanford, who collapsed from 5th to 25th. Francesca Di Lorenzo from Ohio State keeps the leading singles spot, far ahead of Ena Shibahara from UCLA who moved from 3rd to 2nd.

Hayley Carter is just behind her in 3rd, previously being 5th. Melissa Lord and Josie Kuhlman are the new players inside the Top 10, while Ingrid Neel jumped across 34 spots after an amazing performance at the Indoor Championship.

In the doubles, Kate Fahey/Alex Najarian seats at the top, previoulsy being 3rd, ahead of Christine Maddox/Mayar Sherif Ahmed from Pepperdine who were 4th last time around. Hayley Carter/Jessie Aney from North Carolina slid from 2nd to 3rd, ahead of UCLA's Jada Hart/Ena Shibahara who made a progress of 8 places.

Top 25 ranked teams: 1. [93.75] University of Florida (1)
2. [85.05] Ohio State University (4)
3. [72.68] North Carolina (2)
4. [65.48] University of Michigan (10)
5. [54.29] Texas Tech University (7)
6. [53.00] Oklahoma State University (6)

[50.70] Vanderbilt University (12)
8. [43.56] Auburn University (11)
9. [42.14] UCLA (20)
10. [41.29] Baylor University (NR)
11. [39.36] Georgia Tech (13)
12. [38.41] Pepperdine (8)
13. [34.49] University of Georgia (3)
14. [31.98] University of Kansas (NR)

[31.19] TCU (NR)
16. [28.94] North Carolina State (NR)
17. [28.30] Duke University (15)
18. [28.00] California (9)
19. [26.64] University of Mississippi (18)
20. [25.81] Dartmouth College (NR)
21. [25.17] University of South Carolina (19)

[25.17] Texas A&M University (14)
23. [25.02] Rice University (NR)
24. [24.88] University of Tennessee (NR)
25. [24.39] Stanford (5)
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Francesca Di Lorenzo