Arizona Wildcats signs Filip Malbasic for 2017-18 season

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Arizona Wildcats signs Filip Malbasic for 2017-18 season

Tennis - Roger Federer knows what it's like to raise children while pursuing a professional career. So it's no surprise that the Swiss maestro has some advise for mom-to-be Serena Williams, who has announced that she plans to return to the tennis circuit in January - three months after giving birth to her first child.

Williams was in her second month of pregnancy when she won the Australian Open in January and has not played since. And Federer, father of two sets of twins, says that Williams is in the best possible position as she has the choice to do whatever she wants.

Speaking to USA Today, Federer says, "At this stage of her career, she should do whatever she wants to do. There’s no right or wrong for her, which is the best position you can be in ever as a professional athlete.

If she comes back, people are over the moon. If she doesn’t, people will be over the moon for her as a mom. I think the tennis world is really excited for her to hear how she’s going to live her life as a mom and hopefully as a professional tennis player. Federer, who has often said that his wife Mirka is one of the main factors for his success, says Williams must communicate with her partner, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, "And then the talks you have with your wife or husband are super important.

I do believe you want to be on the same wavelength when it comes to how you want your kid to grow up, that’s crucial.” Federer also suggested getting a car or rather a van as a gift for the American. "We should get her a car.

She needs to move to a van now, because you’ve got the stroller and everything, so I would suggest a big car.” Federer begins the US Open in New York on Monday as the third seed and will be hoping to win his third Grand Slam of the season.

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