Schwartzman insulted on social media after the defeat against Ostapenkov

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Schwartzman insulted on social media after the defeat against Ostapenkov

The Davis Cup, as history has taught, often gives great surprises and manages to make the technical gap that differentiates the different athletes less evident and heavy. After the weekend that saw some national teams compete in World Group 1 and World Group 2, Diego Schwartzman experienced first-hand the experience of undergoing the game of a lesser-known tennis player far from the major circuit.

In the David Cup match between Argentina and Belarus, El Peque has in fact collected a resounding defeat (6-4, 6-3, ed) against 18-year-old Daniil Ostapenkov. The Belarusian player is currently number 63 in the ITF junior ranking and has never scored points in the ATP Tour.

"I have never been able to find the keys to the match. He played perfectly. His serve and his forehand have put me in a lot of trouble. I also think it was one of the worst matches of my career," said an experienced Schwartzman at the end of the match.

Schwartzman insulted after the defeat against Ostapenkov

As unfortunately happens in the era of social media, the Argentinian has received a lot of criticism for the incredible result and could not help but condemn this kind of mentality; a mentality that has no reason to exist and that will never find its place in the world of sport.

We recall that Argentina still prevailed and won the match against Belarus. "It was really hard, because people treat you very badly when you lose," Schwartzman explained. "I often make mistakes, but I'm the first to acknowledge my faults.

I always try to go back and do my best. Saturday was one of the worst days of my career, clearly. From social media came insults, threats and indignation of any kind, and it hurts. These bad criticisms are the only negative thing about social media." Schwartzman then decided to replicate and expose his thought without fear.

The Argentinian in his career four ATP titles out of eleven played finals, eight Challenger titles and seven Futures. In the Grand Slam trials he reached the semifinal at Roland Garros in 2020. In the ATP ranking he reached 8th place in singles on 12 October 2020 and 41st in doubles on 6 January of the same year.