Davis Cup 2022: here's what will change

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Davis Cup 2022: here's what will change

The Davis Cup represents a prestigious and always very special event within a competitive season for athletes from various nations. Despite the many changes in the format in the last few years, the competition has kept some factors firmly established, which have then characterized its international appeal: among these there is certainly the spirit and atmosphere that was breathed in the four venues.

choices to host the first stages. Although the traditional formula was lost, with matches at the best of 5 sets and divided over several days, the battle remained alive and the surprise results were absolutely not lacking, in addition to the overall duration of the three matches which is quite consistent (exceeded 8 hours in some cases).

The event between the different countries could not enjoy a very high level parterre at the starting line, but not so low: the heavy absences of tennis players in the top 20 were felt, even if their substitutes made everything more unpredictable and sometimes compelling.

Some talents have been discovered and the moment has made possible almost unthinkable undertakings in other contexts: among the most striking examples there is certainly the success of the Croatian Borna Gojo (number 279 in the ATP ranking) who defeated the blue Lorenzo Sonego in a game that proved decisive for the passage of the turn of his nation against the host Italy.

Changes in sight

For all to see, a very interesting fact stands out on the 2021 edition of the Davis Cup. The 8 teams now in the quarter-finals all belong to the European continent, including Kazakhstan and Russia who play qualifiers with Western nations.

Outside historical countries such as the United States, Australia or Argentina. For the first time in the history of the competition, the 'Rest of the World' does not appear at all in the final stages of the team event. An aspect that certifies the clear supremacy of Europe at this moment, also demonstrated (if we want) in the Laver Cup "Europe vs World" comparison.

As for 2022, there are already some rumors about some changes that could be made by Kosmos: the intent is to expand the borders to Asia, precisely in the Middle East. The idea would be to confirm the four European venues, but move the competition from the quarters onwards to Abu Dhabi. A hypothesis that could become more concrete or lose value in the next few days.