Spencer Newman forced to pay 27,000 dollars to play Davis Cup

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Spencer Newman forced to pay 27,000 dollars to play Davis Cup

Nowadays, several top players don't play Davis Cup, just think that Novak Djokovic is the only top-10 player this weekend that decided to take part in the team competition, but there is still someone who loves it very much.

It's Spencer Newman. The American tennis player, based in Florida, got the chance to play Davis Cup, but not for his country. He has dual nationality because his father grew up in the Bahamas, that offered him to play for them.

In order to switch tennis nationalities, he had to pay $27,000 to the United States Tennis Association (USTA), that had invested on him through the crowdfounding, that allowed Newman to raise $5,829. 'I had to jump through hoops to play for the Bahamas, but it’s a really cool opportunity for me and my brother,' Newman told The Miami Herald. 'The USTA did a lot for me, but I’d have to be in the Top 20 to play for the U.S.

Davis Cup team, and that’s not where I’m at. I always knew in the back of my mind this was a possibility, so when I was approached about it, I decided to go for it. 'Playing Davis Cup is among the highest honors any tennis player can receive.

I have wanted to be a professional tennis player my entire life. It would truly be a dream come true,' he wrote on GoFund page last year. This weekend, Bahamas is playing against Venezuela on a neutral court in Miami, and definitely has a great story that shows how playing Davis Cup is still a privilege for some players.

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