Yannick Noah Talks About Benoit Paire's Return to Davis Cup

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Yannick Noah Talks About Benoit Paire's Return to Davis Cup

Tennis - French Davis Cup captain Yannick Noah says he is not sure if Benoit Paire will be back in his side that takes on Belgium in late November. After reaching the finals in Metz a couple of weeks ago, Paire says he would like to play in the Davis Cup final but has had no contact with the team captain.

Noah responded to Paire commenting, "The reality is that we have six or seven players for the Davis Cup. In my mind, the coming weeks are all a preview for the final. They have to show me that they want to play it. Benoît won matches.

But I can not change the team every time a player wins a game. Many people hoped that I would send him a message. But I too am waiting for a message from him. It does not depend on text messages but on the mind. Benoît comes from far away.

When he was at the Olympic Games in Rio last year, I do not think he understood anything of the spirit of the ordeal. The Davis Cup and the Olympic Games have much in common. You're not there for you, but for your team, for your team." Paire has been at odds with French tennis officials since the Rio Olympics last year when he was suspended after displaying poor behaviour at the Games, something which was unacceptable for Noah.

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