Manolo Santana writes open letter: 'Don't break Davis Cup's essence'


Manolo Santana writes open letter: 'Don't break Davis Cup's essence'

The tennis legend Manolo Santana thinks that the format of the Davis Cup should not change drastically. Santana wrote an open letter in Marca commenting on the possible new changes that may affect the event. 'As you know, I am and I will always be a Davis Cup defender: during my whole life I gave (everything) for Spain playing 46 ties and winning 92 matches,' said Santana.

'Nothing would have excited me in my career more than winning some of those finals that we played in 1965 or 1967 and the ones we fought until the death in Australia. Or winning some of the editions where I had the pride of being captain.

And I keep having passion for Davis. That's why this year I didn't doubt even for a second on being in Marbella and Valencia supporting Spain in every tie. And I can say (and I lived a lot) that moments I lived in Valencia's Plaza de Toros were magical, unforgettable.

I suggest them to everyone that was saying that the Davis Cup has died. 'Having said that, it's sure that as years go on I noted that the competition changed and evolved and I was the first to say that Davis needed some kind of reforms.

The current system competition changed from when I was playing. Now well, I think that the revolution they are planning for could break the DNA of the competition.' Santana finally concluded: 'There needs to be the greatest possible transparency and thinking about the good of tennis, not purely economic interests.

After decades of competing in this wonderful competition that I adore, I could not remain silent. The Davis Cup has been (and is!) part of my life and it would break my heart if its essence is distorted. Long live the Davis Cup.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: We will never quite know who is the GOAT

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